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Radical-ECU Cloning                                                     

We are pleased to let all our customers know that we now able to 'Clone' your vehicles ECU. If your vehicles ECU has suffered from damage, we can remove the software from the original ECU and clone it to a donor ECU! The advantage of this that we can save you £100's as the cost of replacing an ECU can be very expensive!

Please see the picture to the right hand side, this is all the information we need along with the make, model and year of your vehicle!

ECU Cloning Advantages:

Here at Radical-Remaps we specialise in supplying the very best solutions for our customers even when it comes to saving them money!

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CGON Green Fuel Technology

CGON Green Fuel Technology

3 Reasons To Remap

  • 25% More Power
  • 30% More Torque
  • 20% Improve Fuel Economy

The above are based on a typical turbo diesel engine

14 Day Money Back

Engine Remap 14 Day Money Back

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