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HGV Turbo Diesel ECU Remapping

For many years now, engines have been electronically controlled by an ECU (Electronically controlled unit). This unit defines the ignition timing, fuelling, boost pressure and other engine running parameters. After extensive development and testing we optimise these parameters to enhance the performance of your engine by reprogramming the factory ECU within your car

There is no doubting that Diesel HGV Remapping through the OBD port and direct chip tuning will dramatically improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle.

HGV Turbo Diesels typically achieve:

Here at Radical-Remaps HGV we specialise in diesel re-mapping through the OBD port and bench tuning we pride ourselves in doing so without spoiling any of the principle reasons for buying a Turbo diesel in the first place. Diesel HGV's have fantastic low tractability, superb reliability and of course probably the most important thing which is good fuel economy. None of these should ever be compromised.

Our aim at Radical-Remaps HGV when re-mapping your turbo diesel is to give you the perfect increased power curve and fuel economy improvements, but still to retaining the safety parameters which are originally programmed into the engine management system by the manufacturer so as to protect your engine from any damage.

As well as the more power and torque, you will also get a much improved throttle response, smoother power delivery and safer overtaking.

If you are not totally satisfied with the map we put on to your vehicle, then we offer a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee.

Sometimes we have to remove the ECU from your vehicle there are no external signs of tampering or parts added which means the perfect mapping solution! We use the latest flash mapping technology which means that we can send the calibrated file or map into the ECU via its on board diagnostic port or direct to the chip. We also keep a copy of your original map that was taken from your vehicle for modification. So if you are not happy with our service or performance of your new ECU remap, we can re-install the original map, giving you total peace of mind.

Radical Remaps HGV custom ECO & performance software is developed to work on a standard vehicle maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability and original service intervals. A performance engine remap concentrates on the following:

HGV Turbo Diesel Economy

Our aim atRadical-Remaps when re-mapping your vehicle we give you the perfect increased power curve, and fuel economy improvements but still retain the safety parameters which are originally programmed into the engines management system by the manufacturer, so as to protect your engine from any damage.

and Many More!        

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CGON Green Fuel Technology

CGON Green Fuel Technology

3 Reasons To Remap

  • 25% More Power
  • 30% More Torque
  • 20% Improve Fuel Economy

The above are based on a typical turbo diesel engine

14 Day Money Back

Engine Remap 14 Day Money Back

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