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Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 eco Boost 2013 Stage 3 Remap: Hi Gents many thanks for the tune up on my car the results are fantastic! I cant get over the difference Lots more torque & power as you said there would be. The power delivery is nice and smooth with no more turbo lag! 


Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 Combination Remap: Hi Brian, Thanks for being able to remap my Outlander yesterday, as you know, I said I'd had the car 3 weeks, and was getting just about the official MPG which is 38 MPG and driving to you thats what it was again. I was hoping for about 43 MPG after the remap, and on driving home I was very surprised I wasnt getting this. I was astounded to find that the journey home gave me just under 49 MPG, and that was driving in exactly the same manner as I always do. I didnt expect such a dramatic increase in MPG and together with the increase in power for overtaking, its made a great car just brilliant to drive. Thanks very much ... 


Audi A4 Advant 2.0 TDI 2012 Stage 2 Remap: Hi Gents many thanks for the tune up on my car the results are fantastic! Lots more torque & power as you promised and the delivery is nice and smooth with no more turbo lag! 


Alpha Romeo 159 TBI TI 1750 200 BHP 2010 full Power Bench Remap: Hi Guys i would just like to say that i am very happy with my car the power delivery is much smoother,the extra power and torque is just brilliant! Very Happy 


Mazda 6 MPS 2006 2.3 Turbo 255 BHP Full Power Remap & Stainless Steel Exhaust: Hi again Brian & Mark another job well done! i could not find any one who was able to remaps my car as it is quiet rare but as usual you have done a fantastic job the power is great and it sounds mint Mr A Exeter


Ford Focus 2.5 ST Turbo 2010 Power Remap: Hi all at Radical many thanks for the fabulous change to my car, the power is just outstanding! 


Audi RS6 5.0 V10 580bhp Biturbo 2008 Full power Remap: I took my car to Radical Remaps due to the very good name they have. I was not disappointed at all, they explained that my car carries 2 ECU's one Master ECU and one Slave ECU these required bench tuning. The difference is just amazing the bhp has gone from 580 to 650 bhp and the torque is just outstanding! 


Triumph Rocket III 2.3 2005 Power Remap: Hi Gents many thanks for remapping my pride and joy! The difference is brilliant much more mid range torque in all gears. I use one road to test my bike and its the 1st time i had to back off the throttle before i reached the end very happy 


VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 2012 Stage 2 Bench Remap: I took my car to Radical Remaps because they where recommended by a friend, I was not disappointed at all! The car pulls and pulls it is totally different, the mpg has increased as well. The remap took most of the morning but it is well worth while! 


Astra VXR 2.0 Turbo 2006 Stage 3 Remap: Hi Brian & Mark well all i can say is that my car is much better with a nice smoother power delivery and the over all response is alot better. The power and torque increases are fantastic she really does move now! 


Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo 2011 Stage 3 Remap: Hi gents many thanks for a great remap lots of power and torque, very impressed many thanks 


Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 2012 Combination Remap: Hi Brian just to let you know that i am very happing with the remap on my Range Rover Anti Tuning ECU. The car is performing brilliantly  much more torque and power with a good MPG increase of around 12% many thanks 


Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Stage 2 Combination Remap: Fantastic difference i noticed the improvement as soon as i drove the car 400 yards no more turbo lag very responsive and great mpg savings what more could i ask for well happy!


Ford Fiesta ST 150 BHP 2006 Full Power Remap: Hi all my car feels much better with really good improvements on throttle response & much better mid range torque, well worth doing and many thanks for mapping in the Mods the car already had. 


Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 2006 Combination Remap & Cambelt Change: Well i took my car to Radical Remaps for a remap and cambelt change, the car is just totally different! the extra power and torque which puts me in the back seat i cant believe the difference!! As they advised me that a bench tune is always better than a OBD2 Remap as they can access alot more maps held with in the ECU Software the cost was higher than normal but the difference is outstanding.


Ford Puma 1.7 ZTEC 2001 Power Remap: Hi Brian many thanks for the remap to my little Puma. I was very surprised of the difference the remap made, as you mensioned that i would feel a more responsive refind drive as the bhp increase is not that high, but the way the car now drives is well worth the money paid Impressed  


Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo 225bhp 2006 Power Remap: Hi Bri fantastic mate cant exsplain how happy i am with a extra 50 bhp and 116nm of Torque the drive and power delivery is out standing! Now its running at 275 BHP you can really understand why more and more people are having there cars remapped, Oh and many thanks for sorting the engine management issue due to the cat being removed! 


Mitsubishi L200 2011 Jtag Combination Remap: Hi Brian well what can i say i am very happy with the Jtag remap to my L200 the Torque is much better and the power delivery is very smooth with a good increase in MPG. I know you needed the vehicle for most of the day because of the mode of tuning that was required, but it was well worth it! many thanks 



KTAG Remap Mercedes Vito 133 CDI 3.0 V6 2012: Hi Brian many thanks for the specailist Tricore ECU Remap to my vito van the difference is outstanding. I did have some trouble finding someone to remap my van, so i was very happy to find you gents that carried out the job. I was made aware that it needed a specailist remap as the vehicle is fitted with the new anti-tuning ecu, it didn't seem to be a problem for you guys. fantastic! 


Range Rover Sport 3.6 V8 HSE 2007 Combination Tune: Good morning Brian i thought i would let you know how pleased i am with my car, the drive is totally different from before, lots more power and torque, MPG return is just great as well Many thanks for your time and effort 


Mercedes SLK55 AMG V8 360bhp 2006 Full power Tune: Hi all at Radical many thanks for the fabulous remap. The car has improved dramatically very responsive, smoother and the power gains are just fantastic which is surprising from a non-turbo, just what the Doctor ordered! 


Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTI 150 BHP 2005 Combination Tune with EGR Delete: Hi Brian many thanks for the EGR delete and tune up the car is very different and cant believe the difference it makes! much better car to drive now so much smoother and responsive. 


Ford Kuga 2.2 TDCI 2011 Combination Tune: I called Radical Remaps because my new car needed some more power & torque as i will be pulling a caravan from time to time. I must say that there is now a marked difference in how the car drives it is smoother more responsive and you can really feel that new Power that Brian has put into the vehicle Very Happy 


AUDI RS6 4.8 V8 Twin Turbo 2003 Full Power Tune: Well i thought the car was quick and it is, but after your remap Brian the car is Stunning!! Very Very powerful and the torque is just out of this world great job done! 


BMW 325D 2008 Power Tune: Hi Brian I managed to take the car out for a spin on a few empty roads this morning. The car feels amazing a massive difference, so much quicker and responsive. I would say it is as quick as my 6 series was. Brilliant thanks again.


Fiat 500 Arbath 1.4 Turbo 2010 Power Tune: Hi all many thanks for the remap to my Arbath she feels much more responsive with a good increase in power all round. I will be passing round your details to to my fellow Arbath owners, now i have the bug i think i will upgrading some more bits.


Alpha Romeo 159 1.9 JTD 2010 Combination Remap: Hi all just thought i would drop you a line to say how pleased i am with my car! She really does now have a spark to it with good Power, Torque & MPG increases! 

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2007 Stage 2 Tune: Hi Brian I must say my car is the best it has ever been the turbo lag has gone and it is much smoother. The power increases are fantastic she responds brilliantly and i am saving fuel very surprising difference! 


Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Turbo 2007 Stage 3 Tune: What a transformation the car is now much more responsive you can realy feel the difference, she just keeps on pulling very impressed 


Jaguar X- Type 2.2 TDCI 2005 Stage 2 Tune: Hi Radical what a fantastic difference lots more Torque and Power the MPG has increased by around 8mpg the car is also much smoother very happy indeed 

Range Rover Sport TDV6 2007 Combination Tune: Hi Brian many thanks for the professional remap to my vehicle the increase in power is fantastic and the delivery is very smooth. The turbo lag has gone, which was the main thing that i wanted improved. The mpg has improved considerably. 


Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 2005 Combination Tune: I called Brian from Radical Remaps the remap that was carried out on my Disco is outstanding the difference in power and torque are great. The mpg has increased and the car is much more fun and a pleasure to drive. 


Jaguar X-Type 2.2 TDCI 2006 Combination Tune: Hi Brian i cant believe the difference that your remap has made to my car there is lots more torque and its alot smoother. I thought that know one could make a Jaguar any smoother or more powerful but you done just that many thanks very happy! 


Seat Leon 1.9 TDI 2008 Combination Tune: Hi Brian yet another great remap you have supplied me, great torque and power delivery as usual many thanks again 


Porsche 911 3.6 Twin Turbo 480 bhp 2007: Hi Brian i cant believe the difference the car was producing 480 bhp and now it is producing lots more bhp the torque is just fantastic! The 0-60 time has improved easily taken off over a second. when them turbo's kick in well you are in heaven! Fantastic job at a good price!


Mercedes C180K 2007: After the remap car has totally different character - now smoother, less frantic take off, torque between auto-shifts improved, engine speed at motorway speeds lowered and more relaxing - overall a definite improvement to the cars performance - many thanks for the speedy service. 


VW Golf Mark VI 2.0 GTI Turbo 2009: Absolutely stunning transformation lots more power, torque and responsiveness. I am very happy with your service i have no problem recommending your remaps! 


SAAB 9-3 1.9 TTID 2008: Great remap it does what it says on the tin. Totally transformed my car for the better can only but recommend Radical Remaps. 


VW Golf 1.4 TSI GT 2006: Hi Bri i have had my remap on the car for a week now and the difference is outstanding there is lots more power, torque and better fuel economy. Thanks again for a great job.


BMW 330D 2008 Combination Tune: What can a say mate but just fantastic, the throttle response is rapid and a wheel spinned in 1st, 2nd with my 18" rims on and that was me trying to pull away normally. Its like a new car, the change is unreal, the torque and power is outstanding and i am saving on fuel it just dosn't make sence the car has gained 15% more mpg! many thanks! 


Audi A4 S-Line 2.0 TDI 2008 Combination Tune: Brian many many thanks i very impressed with the extra power, torque and over all smoothness my fuel economy has also improved by 7 mpg! well worth the money it has transformed my car for the better. Many thanks


VW EOS 2.0 TDI 2008 Power Tune: Hi Bri Many thanks for sorting my car the power delivery is so smooth and progressive. Loads more torque right through the rev range a real pleasure to drive it has changed my car for the better. 


Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 Turbo 2002 Power Tune: Hi Brian i thought i would let you know how the car is going well she is just fantastic. The power is mind blowing it is so responsive and fast i think my dad's going to have his car done now he is well jealous 

Audi A4 1.9 TDI 2004 Power Tune: I had my car remapped by radical remaps, and i must say that the difference is outstanding the power delivery is very smooth and progressive. I find that i can get into higher gears much quicker and i can stay in higher gears much longer this is going to do wonders for my fuel economy! Many thanks 


Renault Megane 2.0 Turbo 225 2006: Hi Brian you have transformed my car the extra power and torque are outstanding. The power delivery is very smooth and progressive it just wants to keep on pulling right through the rev range. You have transformed my car and i am very happy indeed.


Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo 2006 Power Tune with Cat Repair: I called Brian from radical remaps because i had a problem with a engine management light on the dash. I took the car to Ford and they said i would need a new cat at a very expensive price. When i explained the problem to Brian he told me that he could fix the problem. He did just that he also gave the car a outstanding power tune the car pulls really hard and progressive the torque is outstanding as well many thanks Brian Great Job.


Renault laguna 2.2 DCI 2003 power Tune: Hi Brian, you remapped my Renault Laguna 2.2DCI today and i just wanted to let you know that i am really happy with the outcome. I have only covered about 15 miles but I can already notice as the sensors are all changing there parameters there is a positive difference, when I am on the boost in second and third gear the acceleration is fantastic and mpg to match. Thanks for all your help. 

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2008 Power Tune: Hi Brian here is the testimonial you asked for, well i am very happy the car was good any way and i was surprised that you could increase the power and drivability of my car. Well you did just that, the car performs very very well lots of additional power and torque many thanks.

BMW 335I Twin-Turbo 2007 Power Tune: Absolutely fantastic change, the car was quick standard, but now it is just stunning! I have driven M3's and my car i would say is just as quick as the M3! I am very impressed with the power, torque and smooth delivery of all that power and the price is very reasonable as well. Some remapping companies wanted over £500 to remap my car, but Brian did a 1st class job at sensible price! Many thanks 

BMW 525d 2005 ECO Tune: Very impressed with the remap i recieved from Radical Remaps even though i had a ECO remap the smoothness and torque increases are impressive there is no more turbo lag or flat spots, i will let you know soon how the fuel economy goes! Capital Taxis

SAAB Linear 1.9 TID 2006 Power Tune: Well the Linear just got much more Linear! what i difference the remap has made to my car. The power and torque delivery is very smooth and progressive, the car pulls in higher gears the turbo lag has gone, the list goes on! Many thanks 

VW Golf 1.4s 2005 Non-Turbo Power Tune: I thought i would drop you a line to give some feed back on the remap you performed on my car. The car now feels much more responsive with good mid-range torque increase it feels as thow it has a new lease of life! Many thanks 

Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTI SRI 2008 Power Tune: Great Remap the car feels much more responsive and very smooth. The power and torque increase are very noticable indeed i recommend Radical Remaps all day long! 

Peugeot 206 2.0 177 HP GTI 2004 Power Tune: Brian many thanks for the remap the car feels much crisper and responsive with good mid-range torque! 

Mercedes E320 3.2 V6 2002 Power Tune: What a difference the remap has made to my car it is much smoother the power and torque gains are very impressive, well worth doing even though its a non-turbo! I would never believe that you can make a mercedes even smoother. Great Service Brian I am very happy 

Mini Cooper S Turbo 2007: Fantastic remap Brian lots more power and fun the turbo lag has gone the power delivery is smooth and progressive! and its even better in sport mode. Many thanks 

Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI 2008 Power Tune: Hi Brian great remap the car is transformed much more power and very smooth power delivery, no more turbo lag the list goes on! She pulls and just keeps on pulling fantastic very happy many thanks 

BMW 330CD 2005 Power Tune: I thought i would drop you a line to thank you for a great remap. I have had previous BMW's remapped before, but your remapping skills and knowlage are truley head and shoulders above the rest many thanks!


Audi A4 3.0 TDI Quattro 2005 Power Tune & Repair: Following an engine management issue I had with the Audi, that threw it in to a limp mode, I used a local diesel specialist in Bristol who corrected the re-map that I inherited with the car. I hadn't been completely happy with the Audi's performance since I bought! it a few months back. The diesel specialist claimed that they had reset the car's map due to an 'error' meaning I had lost the previous remap. The car ran a lot smoother (although with a slightly loss of power). I knew that the best way forward was to have the map looked at by a specialist. After my call to Radical Remaps I was lucky to get a slot the following day. From having had many of my cars remapped over the years, I am always cautious as to whether I will meet a chap with a cheap laptop and some generic software or someone that 'actually knows what they are talking about and doing'. To cut a long story short, Brian was by far and away the most professional re-mapper I have met so far. Confident with oodles of experience and knowledge. Basically a lucky find. The car is now transformed. I'm so glad I didn't 'put up with it as is' and decided to get it tuned properly. Much more fun to drive, smooth and effortless.. I've seen more expensive re-mappers on offer but I have no ! idea how they could do better for my money. Basically, a job properly done..! 

Bentley Continental GT W12 6.0 Twin Turbo Combination Tune: Many Thanks Brian for the remap on my car, Brian arrived and explained the options i had available to me i chose to go for a ECO and Power combination remap. The remap took approximately a hour and half to complete, The initial test drive went very well indeed, but we did not have enough open road due to heavy traffic to test completely and open her up. I will report again once i have a chance to test completely. TEST Complete very happy indeed saving fuel with more power! 

Mondeo 2.2 TDCI 2004 Power Tune: Great remap by Radical Remaps my car has been transformed the power just keeps coming. The original car car was set up to deliver the power between 1500rpm-2000rpm which made me change gear much more often. That has all changed the power now comes in much smoother and keeps on pulling right through the rev range and there is no more turbo lag! Great job Many Thanks 

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI 2008 Power Tune: Brian did such a good job on my dads car i had to have my car remapped. The difference is outstanding loads more power and torque. I turn off the traction control and the car just took off!! Many thanks 


BMW 320D 2001 ECU Repair Power Tune & Repair: Brian arrived to sort out my car i had it remapped by a well known company around 4 weeks ago and the car has not been the same since. Brian suggested that we put the (original standard) software back onto the car to sort out the bad remap i received. He carried out the remap reverting the car back to standard and now the car runs much better with the new software on it. He is coming back next week to allow the ECU to re-adjust to the original software and then he is going to do his magic. I will update when the mod has been done and tested. All Done the car is now fantastic!

Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI 2007 Power Tune: HI Bri thanks for setting up our car for towing. There is alot more bottom end torque, as promised great job well done.

Alpha Romeo GT 2.0 JTD 2004 Power Tune: Many thanks for a great remap, turbo lag has gone and she pulls longer in gears! With a very smooth power delivery! 

BMW 525D 2006 ECO Tune: Hello Brian many thanks for the ECO remap on my car. The car pulls smoothly and effertlessly the turbo lag has gone and the car feels just more responsive. I will let you know how the fuel consumption goes but on the test drive it was positive! 

Porsche Boxster S 3.2 2000 Power Tune: Fantastic remap Brian thanks for taking the time to remap to the mods that i have, ie the full induction kit and full sports cat exhaust. The power increase was felt straight away on the test drive, the smooth power and torque delivery is just fantastic. Many Thanks 

BMW 318i (None-Turbo) 2009 Power Tune: Brian many thanks for the great remap on my car the power increase as you exsplained, can be felt mid to the higher power band 4th, 5th and 6th gear are great! Good power gains for the price. 

Land Rover TD5 2006 Power Tune: I used Radical Remaps to remap my landy the power and torque increase is outstanding. Brian has done a very good job for a reasonable price! I will be telling all my friends about Radical. 


Ford Mondeo ST 2.2 TDCI 2006 Power Tune: Great remap Brian many thanks the power delivery is really smooth with no more turbo lag and better throttle responce and wide power band feels great! 

Audi TT TFSI 2.0 2008 Power Tune: Hi Brian Many thanks for today outstanding remap my car is now much more powerful i would say it is over a good second quicker 0-60! Unbelievable 

Ford Mondeo Titanium 2009 2.0 TDCI ECO Tune: Hi Brian many thanks for the ECO remap you carried out on my new Taxi. The power and Drive is brilliant! The MPG i drove over 50miles around town in Bath and it cost me £6.00 Brilliant! 

VW Golf GTI 2.0 Turbo 2006 Power Tune: Many thanks for the remap the car feels so different! I was thinking of buying a new car but i dont think i will bother now. The power delivery is really smooth and enjoyable the increased torque makes it feel alot more responsive it pulls lower down and higher up the rev range for longer great job! 

BMW X5 3.0D 2005 Power Tune: Great job many thanks for the remap the car drives alot smoother with good power and torque increases the car is 3 tons and it does take alittle time to get going, but the remap has made it repond much better. Turbo lag has gone with a smooth power delivery. 

Range Rover 4.2 v8 Supercharged 2005 Power Tune: Hi Brian Test drove my car and there is improved mid range torque and much better throttle responce with a good smooth power delivery very happy 

Jeep 2.7 CRD 2003 Power Tune: Great job Brian Effert-less overtaking with a realy good increase in torque will report on MPG soon. 

Skoda VRS 1.8 Turbo 2000 Power Tune: Hi Brian Many thanks for a job very well done! The car has been transformed the power and torque that it is now producing i thought was not possible. As you now the car is fitted with a dump valve, EGR Delete and cat back exhaust which you took into account when you remapped it, to get the most out of the mods on the vehicle. 

MG TF 1.8 2003 Power Tune: Excellent job Brian there is a good increase in power and mid range torque now it has been remapped and the fact that it is a non Turbo 1.8 engine there is a good increase all round. many thanks 

BMW 630i 2008 Power Tune: Hi Brian just to let you know i very pleased with the remap you performed on my car. The car is more responsive low down and when the mid range torque comes in its just fantastic! many thanks again.

BMW 520D 2007 Power Tune: Hi Brian just a update for you my car is now really good! the increased power and torque delivery is so much smoother. The car just feels alot better with extra power i will give you a update on the MPG when i can Many Thanks.

BMW 320D 2004 Power Tune: I now have a big smile on my face thanks to you Brian fantastic remap with loads more power and torque many thanks.

BMW 330D 2006 Power Tune: Hi Brian my 330d is now a rocket ship and i am saving fuel from a Power remap! Outstanding cant wait to see a 335d in my sights i think i will give one of them a run for it money now as long as it has'nt been remapped by you of course. 


Renualt Clio 2.0 RS 2004 Power Tune: Hi Brian many thanks for my remap the car has got much more mid range power now and it is much more livlyer Great job!


Renault Clio 2.0 Sport 2004 Power Tune: Brian remapped my car and carried out a diagnostic check and found that i had a defective O2 sensor he reset the fault code and told me if the warning light came back i would need to change the sensor. With the increase in power and torque my car is now very quick again! 

Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI 2009 Power Tune: Hi Brian many thanks for the great remap on my Skoda much better drive lots more responsive with lots more Torque and my mpg has gone up 5mpg. 

Vauxhall Zafira VXR 2.0 Turbo 2009 Power Tune: Hi Brian great job on my car it used to pull very well standard but now well it is excellent very good increases in Power and Torque and thanks for the Diagnostic health check Many thanks 

BMW X5 3.0D 2008 Power Tune: Many thanks Brian Great Job! Much more Power and very responsive and very smooth power delivery. 

VW Bora 1.9 TDI 2003 Power Tune: What a difference to my Bora much more responsive and powerful a joy to drive! Many thanks.

Ford Mondeo ST 2.2 DCI 2005 Power Tune: Hi Brian many thanks for the remap to my car the improved Torque and Power are great. Well worth doing! 

BMW 535D Twin Turbo 2008 Power Tune: Awesome Brian Just Awesome!! 

VW Golf GTTDI 2004 Power Tune: Well Brian many thanks for the remap, my car now pulls very well indeed iam off to London soon that will give it a good test! cant wait many thanks.

VW Passat 1.9 TDI 2004 Power Tune: I had my car remapped by Radical Remaps I could not beleave the difference in Power, Torque and smoothness fantastic job Brian many thanks. 

Jaguar X- Type 2.2d 2006 Power Tune: Hi Brian my car is now absolutly fantastic. So much more power i may have save for new tyres! Also the take up of power is so smooth. Brilliant job. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks alot! 


Ford Mondeo 2.2 ST DTCI 2004 Power Tune: Hi Brian Well the car is now a different car before your remap the car pulled hard upto 2500rpm then died off. Now the power delivery is much smoother and it just keeps on pulling right through the rev range! i will have to watch my speed because, before you know it you are doing over 100mph with no effort! 


Vauxhall SRI 1.7 CDTI 2006 Power Tune: Many Many thanks Brian for remapping my car the difference is outstanding it is 100% inprovement from standard! I asked Brian for as much power as possible he said i would need the stage 4 tune and he exsplained that i would lose 3-4mpg on the stage 4 but that was fine with me, the power and torque is well billisssstic! i really have to hang on to the steering wheel because of the torque steer! outstanding! 

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